About the Society!
The South Texas Social Workers Society (STSWS) was originally called The South Texas Medical Social Workers Society.  The Society began in the 1970's by a few social workers who worked primarily in the medical setting. The idea was to begin a social network in this field and to develop a way to obtain continuing education credits.  In 2005, the name changed to South Texas Social Workers Society in order to be more inclusive of the growing social work field.  The Society guided by its mission statement, conducts business by Society  By-Laws and is currently seeking to obtain a non-profit status.
Mission Statement:
The STSWS mission is to provide educational and networking opportunities for Social Workers in the South Texas.  Our objective is to serve as a vehicle for educaitonal opportunities to members, community and Social Work Students.  We serve to inform the membership and community of available Social Service resources, to identify current Social Work needs and to develop community resources to meet those needs.
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